Pinpoint Learning
Pinpoint Learning

Teachers Mark Any GCSE Paper, Upload The Marks and Create


16 page booklets with amazing 9-1 GCSE questions on each student's five weakest areas differentiated by ability. Teachers simply press print and produce booklets for their whole class. Tell Me More


A revolutionary teacher tool combining QLAs to show class progress in each topic across all tests, categorised by AO1/2/3 strands. The students also have their own individual maths matrix!


Personalised 20 minute tests on the 6 easiest questions students got wrong in a mock test. Scientifically deduce whether they have actually improved.
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94% say we improved their actual GCSE results

"Pinpoint learning has transformed the quality of feedback for our students after their maths mock exams. The personalised booklets and re-tests are superb.
The teacher and pupil matrix are incredibly invaluable tools and extremely user friendly.
Pinpoint learning is by far the best new resource we have and we used it with every student of any ability in year 11 this year!"

Neha Moda, 2ic Maths at Paddington Academy

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9-1 and A*-G QLA (GAP) Spreadsheets for FREE

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The site is fully ready for:

9to1 Edexcel Secure Mocks Set 1 and 2 and 3, All 2017 June and November Exams, 9-1 AQA All Practise Papers, OCR 2017 and practice papers, All Edexcel 9-1 practise papers,

All PiXL Wave and Curve papers, Edexcel 9-1 Specimen Sets 1 and 2 papers, AQA Specimen papers, AQA 9-1 Practise_Set 1 and 2 papers,

Edexcel SAMS papers, Edexcel Short Form 9to1 practise papers


almost every 2012-2016 A*-G paper going.

Plus subscribed schools can request a paper we don't have and we will do our best to make it quickly for the site!

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Introduction and the Personalised Booklets

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The Maths Matrix

A revolutionary dynamic personalised revision list for students created using real data from real exams

Click here to experience the matrix yourself.

Progress is tracked in each GCSE topic over time using data from real past exam papers. Students can login to see their consistent weaknesses from several tests as well as their consistent strengths and where they have improved. Students can hover the marks to see the actual question they got wrong, try it again and see if they can do it again now. And much much more ...

Personalised Retests

Personalised 20 minute tests on the 6 easiest questions students got wrong in any mock test

Press one button and produce a class set of personalised retests. See them yourself HERE. The front page tells the student what mark they got the first time they sat the test. Solutions can be given out in class such that students can mark or peer mark their tests. Then you the teacher and the students can see, scientifically, whether they have actually improved and can now do the question.


Dr Tom Quilter

Full Time Maths teacher for 10 years

KS4 co-ordinator for 6 years

I have previously completed a PhD in Game Theory and worked for one year in investment banking before teaching maths for the last 9 years. Teaching is a great passion for me and I love being in the classroom and talking about maths. I have now been Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator for 6 years and after seeing my colleague spending hours making personal booklets for his year 11 class I started to make this website.
Please email me with any questions at all about the website or any ideas at all at